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End Yulin Dog Meat Festival

End Yulin Dog Meat Festival & dog meat consumption

To Chinese President Mr. Xi Jinping

We strongly urge you to ban dog meat consumption in the whole of China and, consequently, to stop the Yulin Festival.

In your country, about 20% of the population eats dogs mainly due to groundless superstition, believing that doing so can bring luck and beneficial health effects.

The symbol of this horrible practice is the Yulin Dog Meat Festival (The Lychee and Dog Meat Festival) which is held every year during the summer solstice in Yulin village, in the Guangyi region.

Even if the festival has not existed officially since 2014, in the last ten days of June, thousands of dogs are still brutally killed and slaughtered in Yulin each year.

Stray dogs are hooked in the neck to catch them. They are slaughtered and left to bleed to death or else skinned and boiled while still alive.

Local authorities claim they cannot stop the tradition because officially it no longer exists. They also point out that in China it is still legal to kill, slaughter and eat dogs.

We ask you to ban the consumption of dog meat in China. This practice is already unacceptable for most of the Chinese population. Recently, China’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs declared that dogs are companions and not livestock.

Indeed, most Chinese citizens would support legislation to definitely stop the consumption of dog meat throughout the country.  

Yours sincerely,


End Yulin Dog Meat Festival

22 signatures = 2% of goal

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