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Animals need your help:
support Only Animals’ Fundraising Campaigns.

Key Features of Fundraising Campaigns

Why OnlyAnimals' Fundraising Campaigns?

Fundraising Campaigns aim to help animals by collecting donations to realize specifc projects.

Purpose of our Fundraising Campaigns:

Plant trees to restore natural habitat for animals at risk of extinction, save dogs and cats from euthanasia or meat trade, help orphaned animals to survive. And many others.

Support our Fundraising Campaigns:

With your donations you can really make a difference for animals.

Share our Fundraising Campaigns.

Share Campaigns with your friends and family. Share on social media. Animals are counting on you!



Petition can be launched to help animals, solve an issue, and raise public awareness.

Key Features of Petitions

Why OnlyAnimals’ Petitions?

OnlyAnimals’ Petitions aim to defend and protect animals everywhere

Purpose of our Petitions

Send a signal of public opinion to a decision maker to defend animal lives and rights

Support our Petitions

Become an Animal Advocate by signing our Petitions. Be a voice for the voiceless.

Share our Petitions

Share Petitions with your friends and family. Share on social media. The more we are, the more we count.

Propose a new Petition

You can send us an idea about a petition to launch. Please, fill the form and get in touch.

  • Explain the problem you want to solve by launching this Petition.
  • Describe the solution to the problem and who can carry out this solution.
  • Make sure your information is accurate (for example, reference a journal article).
  • Be clear and keep it simple.

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    OnlyAnimals' Fights

    OnlyAnimals‘ Fights are aimed to stop human cruelty against animals so that animals may live freely. Everywhere.

    Key features of OnlyAnimals' Fights

    Why OnlyAnimals' Fights?

    OnlyAnimals' Fights are Advocacy Campaigns aiming to help build a world where animals can live freely without being exploited by humans. Discover our Fights!

    Purpose of our Fights:

    To stop the slaughter, trade, imprisonment, and hunting of animals, their use for tests, fur or food production, and their killing for religious rituals or so-called

    Support our Fights:

    Become an Animal Advocate and Defender. Donate. Make a difference.

    Share our Fights.

    Share OnlyAnimals' Fights with your friends and family. Share on social media. Be a voice for animals: they are counting on you!
    Join OnlyAnimals

    Only together can we make a difference!

    Join OnlyAnimals to help build a passionate worldwide community of animal lovers.