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OnlyAnimals is a foundation, registered in Italy, and subject to governmental supervision and control. It manages this platform and works as a social media nonprofit organization committed to help, defend and protect animals around the world. It was founded by Valter Nosenzo with the help of Luna, his dog.

OnlyAnimals wants to help build a world where animals have the right to live freely, without being killed or exploited by humans. We will fight until this happens! Everywhere, without compromise, with no interest other than to be the voice for animals. To achieve our mission, we need you and your help: we want to create a large and powerful global community of animal lovers who do not accept injustice towards animals anymore and who want to fight against animal abuse, killing and exploitation.

OnlyAnimals is a non-profit organization fighting for the rights, protection and defense of animals. OnlyAnimals manages an advocacy and fundraising platform.

OnlyAnimals was originally set up as an operational foundation entirely through the funds of its founder, who worked to define and implement the project from start to finish. To pay for ongoing maintenance platform costs and to further develop the site to become increasingly effective, the foundation managing this platform depends on donations from individuals, charities, foundations, and animal friendly corporations that share our mission. Your donation is essential in helping to create a large community of animal lovers around the world able to make a real impact.

Yes, OnlyAnimals is fully independent. In fact, being a foundation, OnlyAnimals has no shareholders and no investors (such as venture capitalists or corporations) who can exercise voting rights or influence its decisions, strategy or mission. Further, it is subject to stringent government control to verify that its activities do not deviate from its mission and that all the donations raised are used to achieve its mission. OnlyAnimals is fully independent from political parties and doctrines. The foundation profits must be fully reinvested into the organization or donated to help animals, either directly or through donations to other animal organizations. No dividends can be paid. The foundation cannot be sold. We believe that only a nonprofit organization can be fully believable and trustworthy to act in the interest of animals, be their powerful voice, and, ultimately, change the world.

You can reach us at or send us a message in the Contact section.

Sure, you can make a recurrent or one-time donation to OnlyAnimals. Donations can be made via accepted credit cards (Visa, Mastercard and American Express), via PayPal or via bank transfer. OnlyAnimals accepts donations from animal lovers, charities, foundations, and animal-friendly corporations.

OnlyAnimals Foundation does not provide tax advice. Please consult your tax advisor as donation deductibility depends on the applicable tax legislation of the country where the donor is fiscally resident.

Sponsorship tax deductibility depends on the applicable fiscal rules. In general, sponsorships are tax deductible, but you would need to confirm this with your tax consultant. OnlyAnimals does not provide tax advice.

Our current bank account is open at Intesa Sanpaolo Bank, Italy. Details: IBAN is IT24 X030 6910 3001 0000 0070 558

Yes, the OnlyAnimals Foundation will send you a confirmation email with the details of your donation.

The CVV (Card Verification Value) number on your credit card is a 3-digit (for VISA and Mastercard) or a 4-digit (for American Express) number on your credit card that is requested for security reasons.

Shouts are intended to provide news or help animals that are in urgent need or in danger (for example, a shelter dog at risk of being put down if not immediately adopted). Shouts can only be launched by the OnlyAnimals foundation. A Petition, in contrast, is designed to collect as many signatures as possible in order to influence the decision maker and to request a significant action that would positively affect a large number of animals.

OnlyAnimals’ Fights are broad advocacy causes related to topics including animal rights, fur bans, and putting a stop to practices such as vivisection, animal trade, animal hunting, the use of animals in zoos or circuses, and the killing of animals for religious or cultural traditions. Fights may also promote practices such as veganism or the establishment of a worldwide tribunal to apply for sanctions for crimes against animals. Fights are launched with the aim of raising awareness and calling for legislative and cultural changes. Fundraising Campaigns are linked to a specific project and aim to collect donations to help animals in need, for example to rescue them or pay for their food and veterinary expenses.

OnlyAnimals uses industry-standard security measures to protect the information collected by this website. For more information, please read our Privacy Policy.

Yes, Stripe, the financial company that processes payments for our platform and that has no association with the OnlyAnimals foundation, retains the following fees on each donation: 1.2% + 0.25 EUR for donations made using European Visa and Mastercard credit cards, and 2.9% + 0.25 EUR for donations made using non-European Visa and Mastercard credit cards and for donations made using European or non-European American Express credit cards.