Save orphaned rhino babies from dying

You can allow baby rhino orphans, whose lives have been destroyed by human cruelty and avarice, to live free.

Around 1,000 rhinos are killed by poachers in Africa each year, in order to procure ivory from their horns and tusks, to sell to criminal organizations, marking a profit in predominantly Asian markets.

This highly illegal and immoral practice leaves vulnerable baby rhinos left to die.

To survive, baby rhinos need their mothers for the first three to four years of their life.

Baby rhinos need their mother’s milk, and needs their mother’s guidance, learning the crucial skills that will allow them to fend off predators. This relationship is so vital, such that baby rhinos can only survive mere days if their mothers are killed by poachers. They are left vulnerable to be attacked by hyenas, dehydrated without their mother’s milk, and die shocked by the violent death of their mothers.

Only the luckiest are found by rangers before this happens. However, they still must be transported, usually by helicopter or truck, taken to a sanctuary to be fed and cared for. This is costly, providing milk alone costs around $20 USD per day.

Here at OnlyAnimals, we help non-profit organizations operating in Africa manage sanctuaries where orphaned rhino babies can be rescued, fed, cared for, and then returned to the wild. We prefer to help those organizations that limit contact with humans as much as possible, those that do not encourage tourism and gain a profit, but are purely concerned with saving the lives of the little ones.

Please help us. Your donation, however small, can make a great difference.

You can allow baby rhino orphans, whose lives have been destroyed by human cruelty and avarice, to live free.

Thank you for your help!

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