Help save African elephants from drought

The droughts hits Southern Africa hard each year.

For months and months, the rain will stop. The water reserve, the ones animals rely on for drinking water, dries up. The grass disappears, rendering the land in Kenya, Tanzania and Botswana desolate.

Elephants are included in the species that are the most affected by droughts. One adult elephant alone needs about 350 liters of water and 450 kg of vegetation per day in order to survive. For this reason, they are able to perceive the presence of water up to a distance of 4 km.

During the dry season, elephants will dig holes in the beds of dried up river beds to look for water. They widen and compact mud to form small ponds, which is also useful for other animals species, from zebras to antelopes.

Without access to water, desperate elephants will walk many miles every day, covering long distances with their babies. But hundreds will die in this process. They die of starvation, from the lack of water and food. This happens every year during the dry season.

Through this project, OnlyAnimals is able to help local organizations in Africa that builds tanks, retaining water and allowing baby elephants to drink. The tanks are filled with water from wells, pumped by solar-powered pumps, or are carried by water trucks, covering distances of 50-70 km. Each water truck can carry around 10-12,000 liters. This costs around $250-300 USD per trip.

Help save elephants from drought.

With your donation, we can help transport water using water tanks, build tanks and wells, bringing water to animals during the long months of drought.

Your contribution, however large or small, can make a great difference and save hundreds of elephants.

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