Give unwanted dogs the life they deserve

OnlyAnimals dreams of a world where no dog dies alone and afraid.

Elderly or sick dogs have virtually no chance of being picked for adoption.

The sad reality is, they almost always have to spend the rest of their lives in shelters. Young and healthy dogs are systematically preferred for adoption, which is why many shelters will preemptively kill elderly and sick dogs to save money. They cut their lives months or years short, killing them through euthanasia, for the sake of their budget.

Many of these unwanted dogs need medical care. Many have conditions that require caregiving, or need canine wheelchairs due to dysplasia or heavy arthritis, or have cancer or other terminal illness.

This is why OnlyAnimals is fundraising to help unwanted dogs find a permanent home or sanctuary, where they can spend the last weeks, months, or years of their life, finally having the love and care that they needed after a life of suffering and abandonment.

OnlyAnimals helps non-profit organizations that manage shelters or sanctuaries for sick or elderly dogs which would otherwise be euthanized. Here they can receive medical care, support, food, and above all, love and happiness in a warm and loving environment.

OnlyAnimals dreams of a world where no dog dies alone and afraid. 

That’s why we ask for your help, so we can allow these unwanted, old, or sick dogs to spend the rest of their lives with dignity, care and love. 

Thank you so much for your donation!

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